Retail Refurbishment

All leading brands in the high street need to keep their shops looking up to date, fresh and creating lovely places in which to shop.

At Giles Oliver we have considerable experience of delivering such projects for some of the best known brands, such as Monsoon, Accessorize, Haggen Das.

All of our skilled team (we collectively have over 150 years’ experience in the industry) have a lot of experience in working on retail renovations.

Fashions come and go, legislation often changes requirements and consumer attitudes vary over time. We are familiar working with clients in this changing world.

Giles Oliver understands the most important characteristics for any retail outlet is to be a pleasant place to shop, up to date in its appearance, designed in such a way that meets the target audience needs, achieves technology requirements and adjusts to the government targets. But most of all the presentation of the retail outlet needs to generate increased footfall with customers spending on goods.

We are proud of our work for many clients over the years, particularly with Monsoon and Accessorize who we continue to work with on a regular basis.

We understand the changing demands on the retail sector and continue to support them in everything they do.

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