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Move Management

Here at Giles Oliver we undertake a huge variety of Project and Move Management endeavours for a wide-range of clients throughout the United Kingdom. With a specialist team in place with the capability of working on a wide range of projects. Giles Oliver works continuously to understand a client’s needs; we feel understanding what they want to achieve is paramount to developing a strategic plan of action.

When planning the relocation, we work closely with the Client to form a schedule that will list all tasks involved, the dates that those tasks are being carried out on and the deadlines that those tasks have to be completed by. This aids the client in their preparations as they will have the schedule to work from; the close planning and creation of the schedule gives a great indication of where all parties stand. In-turn, this will reduce the client’s involvement when the relocation is in motion; enabling them to concentrate on their job without distraction.


Giles Oliver is a privately owned company that provides a number of retail and commercial services throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. 




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